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At Agnesian HealthCare, our patients are our friends. Our desire to help, heal and comfort our neighbors comes from a deep compassion for our community and the people in it. We are dedicated to treating everyone in all stages of life because at the end of the day, every life is precious.

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Women & Infants

Agnesian HealthCare's Women & Infants welcomes over 1000 bundles of joy each year.  We know how important the delivery experience is to you. We offer birthing plans as unique and special as your new family. And, peace of mind from our team of dedicated and skilled board certified OB/GYN physicians. Featuring spacious, spa-like rooms, and a family-centered care approach that supports the best options for mom and baby. We give you freedom to design the childbirth experience that's right for you. We deliver more than expected.

Family-Centered Care

Agnesian Women & Infants

New beginnings at Agnesian HealthCare are getting even better! Our newly opened Women & Infant birthing suites at both Waupun Memorial Hospital and St. Agnes Hospital feature all the comforts of home in a spa- like environment.  In our newly-renovated spaces we continue to offer the highest quality of care in a state-of-the-art facility.  We're here for your special moment - delivering more than expected.