Only the turkey should be STUFFED this holiday season

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Thanksgiving Meal Advice

Focusing on one healthy practice can help keep your waistline in check but still let you enjoy the holidays. It can be as simple as skipping out on the alcoholic beverages to limiting the appetizers to only having one. Refrain from snacking on leftovers by sending some with other guests or freezing them so you can enjoy at a later date. Another way to be mindful of calories is to take a peek at what is being served prior to grabbing a plate. This allows the opportunity to be more selective on what you put on your plate instead of taking a little of everything when it gets passed around. Creating a plan ahead of time improves will power to stick with the original plan and make healthier decisions. There are some Holiday foods you just can’t live without, plan for those and but pass on those dishes you can do without.

Reducing portions isn’t enough to fight the holiday bulge. Staying active is always encouraged but often the first thing to stop when life gets busy.  Make it a priority; create a time in your calendar for it even if you can only do fifteen minutes. Check out some new workout apps, group classes at your local gym, or build a playlist of new songs just for the holidays to stay motivated.  Consider swapping your after dinner nap for an after dinner walk, or get a head start and participate in a fun run the morning of. A lot of gyms offer a “turkey burn” class the morning after Thanksgiving to help burn off some of those calories from the day before. Most times it is some type of spin, or cardio class. Not only will the activity keep you in control of your weight but will make you feel better too!

The bottom line is the holidays are a time to make memories and enjoy the company of family and friends. Let the memories made be a reminder of the holidays not the increase in the size of your waist.

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