Agnesian Pharmacy donates greeting cards to St. Vincent de Paul Society

Pharmacy donation

As the need for Agnesian Convenient Care Clinic and Agnesian Pharmacy services at 145 N. Main Street in Fond du Lac continues to grow as more individuals are returning to medical care as COVID-19 cases decrease, the need for more space is becoming increasingly evident.

The Agnesian Pharmacy has turned the need to increase space into a positive for another local ministry, which shares the same values as Agnesian HealthCare and SSM Health.

“We’re happy to share our existing stock of greeting cards with the St. Vincent de Paul Society, including not only the cards but the display cases as well,” says David Krueger, DPh, retail pharmacy operations manager with Agnesian Healthcare Enterprises.

The $14,000 donation will help the St. Vincent de Paul Society in its goal to help others.

“The donations of fixtures allow us to keep our store well stocked and to clearly display our gently-used merchandise more readily, according to Ashley Mellenthien, with the St. Vincent de Paul Society. “This in turn makes it easier for shoppers to find what they need. This helps boosts our sales, which is a great thing because all money made at our store goes to directly help those in need right here in the Fond du Lac Community with shelter, food and basic necessities.”

For the Agnesian Pharmacy, the donation will extend Agnesian HealthCare’s charitable mission to the community at large. “We know that for some individuals and families, even the purchase of a well-intended greeting card can be difficult,” Krueger says. “Our hope is that this donation allows people in the Fond du Lac community easier to access cards, especially as many of these cards help families stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.”  

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