Agnesian Health Plaza A team honors physician legacy


Members of the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic’s Otolarynology team and others came together in early June to remember the legacy of Dr. Michael A. Strigenz, who passed away in September 2020 at the young age of 63.

Dr. Strigenz practiced Otolaryngology with the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic from June 1991 to June 2015.   He was greatly respected and appreciated by his patients, as well as our providers and staff.  Dr. Strigenz served as president of the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic Board of Directors and as a member of the Agnesian HealthCare Board of Directors. 

The gathering featured the unveiling of a park bench and an internal plaque honoring Dr. Strigenz’s legacy. Dr. Strigenz’s widow, Mary, was able to attend the special lunch gathering.

Dr. Strigenz two siblings - Dr. Elizabeth Bensen and Dr. Anthony Strigenz - have also served patients within Agnesian HealthCare for many years.

“My brother was an outstanding physician, father and husband and steadfast oldest brother to eight siblings,” according to Dr. Bensen. “He was kind, positive, forgiving and extremely generous to his cherished family, friends, colleagues and patients. He mentored countless individuals, personifying the mission of Agnesian HealthCare. After retirement, Mike demonstrated how to live courageously and with a sense of humor, despite a devastating chronic illness. Those who met him were inspired and grateful to have had him in their lives. He is terribly missed, never forgotten, and forever loved.”

Dr. Strigenz practiced with Drs. John Nash and Suhail Hariri.

“Dr. Strigenz was a compassionate and generous man who always put his patients first at work, and his family first at home,” Dr. Nash shares. “Those who knew him knew it was impossible not to befriend Mike. He had a truly effortless way of relating to people, and generally cared about their welfare. Mike was so many things to so many people in his life, and all those who knew him were blessed to be part of it. His memory lives on here, and it is only fitting that we memorialize his life and legacy within these walls.”

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