Cancer Care

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We provide compassionate, state-of-art cancer care close to home. No need to travel for testing, treatment or other services. With offices in Fond du Lac, Ripon and Waupun, all your care will be close to home.

Why Choose Us

  • Our staff is compassionate and well-trained.
  • We offer care close to home.
  • We are involved in the communities we serve.
    • Cancer Survivor's Day
    • Living Smart
    • Numerous prevention presentations
    • Relay for Life
  • We offer on-site laboratory services.
  • We have on-site pharmacy services.
  • We have cutting edge technology.

Read what our patients are saying: "The Cancer Center staff go out of their way to make each visit as easy and enjoyable as possible!"

Ranked One of the Best In the Country

The Agnesian Cancer Center was named among the top CoC accredited cancer programs in the country, earning the Silver Level Commendation Award by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons. The rating was given after a rigorous evaluation process and on-site review by the Commission on Cancer.

Recently quit smoking? Are you a current smoker? Consider a Low Dose CT Lung Screening... 

  • What is a Low Dose CT (LDCT) lung screening?
    • Like a routine mammogram or colonoscopy, the LDCT is a preventive cancer screening that evaluates your lungs. It is a low dose CT scan that exposes you to minimal radiation. Simply, it develops a 3D photo of your lungs. This scan will monitor the healthiness of your lungs, and changes to your lungs from year to year.
  • What are the benefits of the LDCT lung screening?
    • If this preventive screening discovers concerning results, there is greater chance that it will find the abnormality at an early stage. Most often, the scan can capture the concern more easily, efficiently and early.
  • What is the effectiveness of LDCT lung screening?
    • Studied and proven, the LDCT lung screening can lessen the risk of lung cancer deaths by 20 percent.
  • What are the LDCT lung screening qualifications?
    • People that range from age 55 to 77
    • Current smokers
    • Individuals who have quit smoking in the last 15 years
    • Those who have smoked a pack, per day, for 30 years or more
    • Lung cancer screening is covered by Medicare for patients 55 to 77 years old and by most commercial insurance plans for patients 55 to 80 years old

Cancer Registry

Agnesian Cancer Care participates in the Cancer Registry. The Cancer Registry is a Cancer Care department which collects cancer data on each patient who is diagnosed and/or treated at Agnesian HealthCare. Agnesian Cancer Care is accredited through the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons which is a joint program with the National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) and the American Cancer Society (ACS). The NCDB is a nationwide oncology outcomes database for commission-accredited cancer programs which collects data on all types of cancer and is tracked and analyzed. The data is then used to track cancer trends to be used for quality improvement. The Agnesian Cancer Care Cancer Registry is required to collect and submit specific data items to the NCDB. 

Some of the individuals that are diligently working to improve cancer care through measuring outcomes include:

“The data that is collected by Cancer Registry is used to evaluate patient outcome, quality of life, and also to help give the best possible treatment and care for our patients. I am proud to be working “behind the scenes” to help win the fight against cancer.” - Cheryl M.

For more information on Agnesian Cancer Care's Cancer Registry, call us at (920) 926-4171 or (920) 926-4170.



Care Navigation

If patients need help coordinating care, setting up appointments or just need someone to talk to, we offer free care navigation to help patients and families through their journey.  

Living Smart Summary

Agnesian Cancer Center participates in an annual “Living Smart” event each spring.  This free health event offers the community an opportunity to learn more about the importance of cancer awareness and early detection, as well as cancer risk reduction.

Consider Palliative Care

Our Palliative Care Services team focuses on relieving and preventing the suffering of patients.


Free web sites that connect families and friends when someone is facing a serious health event, care and recovery.

Did you know we offer cancer care aids at the Agnesian Health Shoppe?

Agnesian Cancer Center works closely with the Agnesian Health Shoppe to provide equipment for cancer patients who need it. The Agnesian Health Shoppe brings together a team of  compassionate, professional associates who will work with you and your provider to find the right product to support you on your health journey. 

Agnesian Cancer Care Complementary Services

We offer a team of compassionate experts to provide integrative care and address all the needs and concerns that occur when someone you love is diagnosed with cancer. 

We Offer Genetic Testing

We offer a cancer risk assessment that focuses on personal and family history, environmental and lifestyle factors, and genetics.