Kandipati Sreenivasarao, DO

Family Medicine
Kandipati Sreenivasarao, DO

Dr. Sreenivasarao (also known as Dr. Rao) specializes in family medicine and sees patients of all ages. He offers a full range of general family medicine; preventive healthcare; annual physicals; well-child checks and immunizations; and care for acute and chronic illness and general medical concerns.

“As an osteopathic physician, I believe in treating the patient as a whole,” Dr. Sreenivasarao says. “We look at all facets of patient’s care. I want my patient to know that I will provide the best care I can; and also as their primary care physician, I will coordinate the best care they could and should receive from our family of health care providers. If I could bring small changes one step at a time in my patients by working together, that gives me immense satisfaction.”

Dr. Sreenivasarao looks forward to working with his patients to help them take care of their health. 

“I do not believe in ordering my patients what to do but believe in working with them, listening to them, learning more about them and working together in improving their health using evidence-based and preventive medicine. I am a huge believer in preventive medicine.”

A graduate of Des Moines University, Dr. Sreenivasarao completed his family medicine residency at Franciscan Health, Olympia Fields, Illinois.


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