Social Skills Videos

The Social Skills Video project is a collaborative community project in which Agnesian's Autism, Behavior and Communication Center and local schools have been working together to create social skills videos for use by our community.

The Video Collection

Visual learning is essential for many children, and especially those with autism. Historically, to teach social skills more effectively than just talking about the skills, we have used books or personalized scripted social stories that included pictures combined with written words portraying appropriate social skills. With the age of technology and screens, along with children's motivation to use screens, we have found a need to have videos that model appropriate social skills.

Many people take learning social skills for granted. Some people are able to look around and figure out exactly what the right things are to do. These videos can reinforce the correct skills for some, and for many children, will be a visual tool to guide them into socially appropriate behaviors that will help them succeed in their own lives and in our community. Our vision is that many children, parents, schools and other providers can utilize the following videos for true community benefit: