Financial Assistance

Agnesian HealthCare is committed to offering financial assistance to people who have health care needs and are uninsured, underinsured or not eligible for a government program.  This assistance applies to emergency care and services that are medically necessary. Please note that there are certain services exclusions that are not usually eligible for financial assistance. Depending on your individual need, either free care or reduced payment obligation may be offered.

Are payment arrangements available?

We realize healthcare costs are on the rise.  Financial counselors are available to help you establish an acceptable payment plan.  Below are the current payment guidelines.  Partial payments made toward your balance will not stop our collection process unless you have made payment arrangements with us. Failure to set up a payment plan that meets the guidelines could result in the account being referred to an outside collection agency. 

Payment Guidelines

  • $1-100 – payment in full
  • $101-300 – up to 3 equal monthly payments
  • $301-750 – up to 6 equal monthly payments
  • $751-1000 - up to 10 equal monthly payments
  • $1001-2500 - up to 12 equal monthly payments
  • More than $2500 – If balance cannot be paid within 12 months; then a bank loan application needs to be completed.


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