Why am I not losing any weight?

Chris Schattschneider

We are one month into the new year, and this is when we (RMC Wellness Center staff) start to hear the phrase, “Why am I not losing any weight?” The easiest response is to say, “be patient.” We don’t want to see you becoming a statistic, where 80% of people who join a gym in January quit by the second week in February. So, should you be seeing weight loss by this point? Yes and no. First, realize that weight loss isn’t a great indicator of the successfulness of a training program. Weight can fluctuate from day to day just from water intake, hormones and a variety of other factors. If your program includes strength training, which it should, then you are building muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so you may weigh the same or more but are actually becoming leaner as you do so. A better indicator is measurements. If you happened to take some initial measurements of the areas, you want to improve then you are ahead of the game. If you didn’t, then focus on how your clothes are fitting. If you are putting in the time at the center and you are eating healthy, then change will happen. As much as you want that change to occur quickly, it’s the change that happens over a longer period of time that lasts. So enjoy the journey of improving your fitness and eating healthy, while at the same time paying attention to the little victories along the way, like finding a pair of jeans tucked in the back of the closet, or having a friend that hasn’t seen you since Christmas notice how great you look. If you aren’t enjoying it or still frustrated with the lack of progress, make an appointment for personal training; we can help get you on track for success.

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