What’s behind that radiation door?

Agnesian Cancer Care
Cancer Center Equipment (8)

Our cancer center has two large radiation suites, each one housing a single state-of-the-art LINAC. The LINAC machine includes a hard table on which the patient lies, as well as a gantry “arm” that rotates around the patient. The LINAC has an open concept, so even the most claustrophobic patients do not have any difficulty with the treatments. In addition, the two radiation suites that house the LINAC are some of the largest ones in the whole country, so there’s more than enough room for wheelchairs, stretches, and even ballroom dances.

So, what is behind the radiation door? Wonderful and caring people, amazing technology and hope for patients with a cancer diagnosis. Some may even call it “POJAH,” or the “Gates of Happiness.”

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