Want to eat more? Eat after exercise!

Sarah Schultz

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Did you know that high intensity exercise can increase your post exercise calorie consumption? Basically this means, that the more intense you exercise, the more calories you burn after your workout, even if you are just sitting around. The complete article can be found in the journal “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.” The study found that when men rode on a stationary bike at a high intensity for 45 minutes, they burned 420 calories during the exercise session, and an additional 190 calories over the next 14 hours (which is a 37 percent increase in total calories burned). What is high intensity exercise? Working hard enough that you can’t hold a conversation. Don’t worry if you can’t exercise at a high intensity for 45 minutes just yet. You can start moderately by adding short intervals to your workouts. If you are a walker do 30 to 60 second bouts of jogging/running. If you are a cyclist, try pedaling at a higher cadence for a few minutes or pushing a little harder on the hills. You may not have the post exercise calorie consumption of the men in the study, but you can burn a few more calories during and after your workout by pushing your body a little harder during the initial exercise.

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