Sleep and weight loss: are they related?

Danielle Reysen
sleep insomnia

Why is it that when we are tired or are sleeping poorly, it is so hard to lose weight? This can be a viscous cycle that many people struggle getting out of. What happens when we are tired at work or at home, we typically reach for caffeine, chocolate or foods high in carbohydrates?  We than go straight home from work instead of working out, stop and pick up fast food or make something fast at home, because we want to get to bed early.  When we sleeping poorly or sleep deprived, we are running on low energy, so our body naturally craves high fat or high carbohydrate foods for comfort. Eating these foods typically will give you a sense of alertness, for a short period of time. So as this continuous day after day, you may start to notice that after a period of time, the scale has gone up and we wonder how? What is unfortunate is that people take pride in how many hours they sleep…if I get four versus someone else who gets five…I win! What happens is we all pay a price for that prize of not sleeping…the prize is weight gain. So a simple way to start losing weight during the holiday season, sleep the recommended seven to nine hours. If your symptoms don’t get better, you may want to talk with you medical provider about the possibility of a sleep disorder.

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