A new year’s resolution that lasts the whole year

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Written by: Tara Schmitz, Wellness Coordinator at Agnesian HealthCare

Weight loss, quit smoking, and reducing debt are only some of the most common news year’s resolutions. Setting these goals or resolutions is often easier said than done.  Use these eight tips to accomplish your goals this year!

  1. Be realistic. It is great to dream big, however if the dream is too big, achieving it might not be within reach.
  2. Create smaller goals that will lead to the success of the large goal. Breaking a large goal in to smaller goals allows the feeling of accomplishment and progress. This helps to keep motivation high.
  3. Create a timeline. Purchase a calendar or journal to set realistic due date to help keep goals on track.
  4. Create accountability. Share your resolution or goal with close friends or family that would be supportive. Support from others is important in maintaining motivation. Keeping a journal or checking days off on a calendar can be another way of more private accountability.
  5. Plan for slip ups or drawbacks. Slip ups are inevitable, staying positive and remembering that one drawback does not mean you still can’t accomplish the goal.
  6. Reward yourself. A vital part of achieving goals is the reward.  Creating smaller goals that are achievable in a shorter timeframe allows for more frequent rewards.
  7. Take responsibility. Your success depends on you. Others can help support you but only can you can truly achieve success.
  8. Reflect on accomplishments. Take time reflect on things that worked well and aided in the achievement of a goal and the things that didn’t work so well. Take the positive influence and duplicate them and create a plan to avoid the negatives.
Start this New Year with a positive attitude and plan to achieve success in 2016!
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