New SSM Health clinic in Beaver Dam right on track

Shelly Haberman

A recent onsite review of construction with the clinical team that will occupy the new SSM Health clinic off Highway 151 in Beaver Dam is validating that all plans put in place prior to the project’s physical start are right on track.

A group consisting of providers, care team members, operations and facilities met onsite on September 21 to tour construction progress. The team was able to visualize what the completed facility will look like and envision workflows in the new environment.

“It was gratifying to have our clinical managers, leaders and care team members, as well as other project collaborators, actually onsite to review what was originally noted in our two-dimensional plans and to validate that all the planning efforts will meet our specific needs at time of opening,” according to Kyle Prochaska, construction project manager - senior, SSM Health Dean Medical Group.

The onsite audit indicated that all plans and steps are still within project scope and only a few minor adjustments need to be made. “This onsite event was important because once drywall is up, it’s more costly and time consuming to make changes. The review verified our planning is in line with the actual construction and end use.”

The new 40,000-square-foot, standalone clinic has an anticipated first day of patient care in February 2021.

Roofing work is nearing completion signaling another important milestone. “This is significant step as it ensures we are weather tight mitigating risk of schedule delays due to inclement weather.”

By the end of September, masonry and stone work will be nearing completion, having started from the building’s second floor to the first floor. During the same time, frames will be installed in preparation for the facility’s beautiful glass windows.

“For those driving by the facility, they will begin to get a true sense and feeling for what this new facility will offer, including its healing and inviting environment,” Prochaska says.

In October, curb and gutter work will be underway, with asphalting of the approximate 200 parking stalls. Some landscaping will be complete, including some planting and seed work. Trees and other larger landscape pieces will be planted next spring.

Much work is progressing in the building’s interior. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is underway, which will then lead to drywall installation and finishes.

The new clinic will house SSM Health primary and specialty care providers, as well as imaging, laboratory and pharmacy services. Once built, SSM Health will move services currently provided in leased space adjacent to Beaver Dam Community Hospital to the new location.

More details on planned celebrations, open houses and other project milestones will be shared later in the year.

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