Mobility and independence start with your feet

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Very interesting study found that 71 percent of respondents aged 65 or older reported foot pain and concerns, yet only 39 percent of them had sought medical advice and only 26 percent of them believe their foot concerns were medical conditions.

It makes sense that senior adults tend to experience more concerns with their feet than younger adults simply because they have used them for longer. Women are four times more likely than men to have foot concerns, probably because of the preponderance of high heels. Other conditions, such as diabetes and poor circulation can also affect foot health.

The danger of neglecting feet can mean reduced quality of life; issues with coordination, balance and gait, all of which produce an increased risk of falling; and can lead to diseases and infections. Like other parts of the body, however, good care and maintenance can go far in promoting health and ensuring that senior individuals remain mobile and independent. Help your loved one by offering to check their feet out to be sure there are no areas of concern. Also make a date to visit to the Agnesian Health Shoppe with them to see the attractive styles and the comfort their feet will feel in a pair of our Dr. Comfort shoes!

During November, all Dr. Comfort Shoes are 25 percent off, SADD lights are 10 percent off and lift chairs are 25 percent off. The Agnesian Health Shoppe is located at 327 Winnebago Drive in Fond du Lac. You can call us at (920) 926-5277 or visit

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