Honoring A Legacy

Shelly Haberman
Debra and Stephen White

Debra and Stephen White, of Waupun, were blessed with a loving and blessed married life for 37 years. They raised two sons and welcomed four grandchildren to their family.

When Stephen was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, his cancer journey began. Stephen didn’t respond to chemotherapy treatment and his health began to decline rapidly. End-of-life care was needed, and a friend recommended Debra and Stephen consider Agnesian HealthCare’s Hospice Hope, and in particular its Hospice Home of Hope.

Agnesian HealthCare’s Hospice Home of Hope is a residential facility providing palliative care to individuals diagnosed with a terminal illness with a life expectancy of less than six months. The 18,600-square-foot facility includes 20 private, home-like patient rooms; sunroom and porch areas; a common family/TV area; chapel, and a large living room with a fireplace. A staff of registered nurses, attending physicians, nursing assistants and social workers provide comfort to patients when a cure is not possible.

“There was no wait,” Debra says, “and the staff, volunteers and sisters were great. They were so careful and gentle with Stephen and were so good to me and our sons. They helped us through this difficult journey and were there for us every step along the way.’ Debra and their sons said good-bye to Stephen in June 2009, and now more than 11 years later, Debra has not forgotten Hospice Hope and its caring and compassionate team.

In fact, she has been donating to the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation ever since. Setting up an auto payment monthly. While she had many options of causes to support, she chose to donate local and Hospice Home of Hope became her charity of choice.

“Hospice care means so much to me that ongoing financial support was an easy choice,” Debra says. “I have seen the benefits first hand, as have many others that I know. Setting up my monthly donation to come out automatically makes this simple. Over time, I know that my contributions will add up, and help others receive the sacred, end-of-life services that my family was blessed with.”

To make an online donation to the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation, visit agnesian.com/giving.

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