The greatest wealth is HEALTH

Janelle Baldwin

The greatest asset you bring to a rich, secure and satisfying life is a healthy and fit YOU! If you’re not “there,” today is the day to take that first step…

Take baby steps…or set SMART goals…each accomplished goal builds confidence and is a baby step to the next goal in life. Goals and dreams should never end…they just keep moving us forward.

Keep in mind…the first 24 to 48 hours when we commit to a goal or change…we are on a high, we are motivated! We cannot live in a state of “high” so our bodies come down…days three to four are the hard part of any goal/change, as we crash from that high.

We must PUSH through that time to remove the poor choices to replace them with better choices. If you have given up…recommit and know that you will need to PUSH through days three to four of change…and get to seven. You’ll feel better. Like a little seed that had pushed through the surface of the earth…you reached a goal…but you’re not there yet.

Recommit to that next seven days using that “high” (aka God boost to get you to day nine to 10)…then PUSH through until day 14. At that point, we can get cocky and say, I got this…now…you have grown…but the new thought process is not secure. It takes 21 days to build that new thought process and habit. Intentionally making right choices. We are hard wired to do that as we are made in God’s image. It’s our wrong choices that throw us off the course the good Lord set for us…to live life and to live it abundantly, with JOY and hope in each new day. God is love and made us in His image…we are wired to be positive and exuding love…so believe in that destiny – you are made in His image...make choices that reflect that and bring you back to the you He intended you to be…one baby step at a time.

Once at 21 days of commitment…continue to make the right choices. This will require less effort as it is more automatic. By the time you hit that three week mark…or several repeated cycles of right choices and baby steps; you will have a new lifestyle. Once you hit a month, keep it moving. One month creates habits and three months creates a lifestyle that isn’t easy to slip out of. Change will not happen if you do not PUSH through the challenging days to get there…you will fail every time…what do they say about good intentions?

Make right choices time after time to build the new thought pattern and habit and eventually a lifestyle. Focus on one thing…make a SMART goal to overcome it by removing the toxic or poor choice, and replacing it with a good and positive one. Then repeat that good, right and positive choice over and over and over.

For example…Every night I snack on a bag of chips or unhealthy choices in huge portions. Replace that one thing with…I can snack on a right portion size of my favorite snack. I will have healthy choices to substitute for that snack. I will first do activity of 10 minutes and pause before I mindlessly and out of habit grab that unhealthy huge portion snack. You must take that unhealthy habit captive and put something positive in its place.

MAKE A GAME PLAN before you hit the temptation. If you don’t prepare and plan, it will not happen. You will keep going to the same poor choice over and over again. We have the ability to choose…it is up to you to PUSH through it…to change the course of your life, and to make right choices become automatic or a lifestyle.

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