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Agnesian HealthCare Foundation

The Agnesian HealthCare Foundation Garden Walk and Art Fair is fast approaching and is sure to be a day filled with the Earth’s natural beauty. You may be a long-time attendee or perhaps you have never attended before,  but we have some behind the scenes details on this year’s event that are sure to spark your interest! Michelle Ries, director of the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation, gives us some fun insight on the upcoming July 9, 2017 event.

The Garden Walk & Art Fair is a longstanding summer event here in the greater Fond du Lac area, can you give us a little detail on the history of this event?

This is actually our 23rd year and every year there is a fresh, new perspective. There is so much creativity that surrounds this event and being able to share that with our community, all while raising money for a vital service, is very rewarding. This year, proceeds are benefiting the Hopsice Home of Hope expansion, which is adding eight rooms to the current location.

Tell us about the gardens, what can we expect to see this year?

 I am always in awe of the unique features of gardens that we tour. In fact, I often hear creativity sparking others as they stroll through the event! This year, we have six glorious locations- with 12 very dedicated garden owners, we actually have a multi-generational tie this year. Three of the garden owners are family, which gives such a neat view of how the love of gardening bonds us and carries through generations.

Do you have a message for your attendees?

Get ready to be amazed - I’m not exaggerating when I express the complete beauty you will be surrounded with. I also encourage all types of gardeners to attend - from the garden admirers with no green thumb at all,  to the well schooled garden professionals. Each garden is hand selected by our wonderful committee and I’m certain that you will be thrilled with their choices. This event is a feast for the eyes and is meant to be enjoyed by all.

Any last behind the scenes details you can give us to spark our interest?

Well, I can tell you that you will see some wonderful pops of color, and not just from the flowers! You’ll notice a carriage, a state-licensed fish farm, some fun vintage flair, angels, fairies, hidden treasures and some furry friends along the way! Each garden has its very own story, for which the foundation of the landscaping was built around, if you haven’t expierenced it, you must! There will also be a spectacular art fair at the Marty & Dorie Strook’s residence, which will feature 12 local art vendor booths.

Agnesian HealthCare Foundation Garden Walk & Art Fair will be held, rain or shine, on Sunday, July 9 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets are available for $15 each  at any of the garden locations. For more information, please visit or call (920) 926-4959.

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