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Shelly Haberman
Foundation gift

Betty Bauer could count on a weekly visit from her family, grandchildren and friends. And then, the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Betty and her resident friends at St. Francis Home became part of a vulnerable population that needed to have strict isolation for their safety. Even family was restricted to enter and visit.

The Agnesian HealthCare Foundation stepped in immediately to help with a recommendation to purchase iPads for all long-term resident facilities and three hospitals so families and friends could stay connected. “A total of 29 iPads have been purchased at this point,” says Shawn Fisher, Agnesian HealthCare Foundation executive director. “We are utilizing the Emergency Relief Fund to help all those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in creative ways.”

“St. Francis Home schedules more than 50 virtual visits a week,” says Audrey Linn, activities coordinator. “It is a joy to see these seniors connect with technology and enjoy precious moments during physical distancing.”

“It’s all about getting creative with technology to support our grandparents and give them love,” according to Lauren Bauer, Betty’s granddaughter-in-law. “When our daughter turned one and our son turned three, our grandmother (Betty), was the first person to show up to the party with big smiles! Despite being 93 years apart and hundreds of miles away, the celebration was cherished. A big thanks to the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation for making our children’s birthdays unforgettable.”

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