Five things to consider before using e-cigarettes

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Five questions and answers to review before using or recommending the use of e-cigarettes.

What is the quality control process during manufacturing of the devices, liquid nicotine and non-nicotine juice?

Currently there are no federal regulations on how the devices and liquids are manufactured, mixed, stored or distributed. Contents vary widely and don’t always match the ingredients or amounts listed on labels. In fact, there is no requirement to list ingredients.

Is it really just water vapor?

E-cigarettes produce more than just “water vapor.” Secondhand aerosol can contain nicotine, ultrafine particles, heavy metals and cancer-causing chemicals.

Why are some devices exploding during use or starting fires while being charged?

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there may be issues with battery failure or the use of non­approved power adapters.

 When will the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) start regulating the manufacture and sale of these products?

The FDA attempted to regulate e-cigarettes as drug-delivery devices, but failed after the courts determined that e-cigarettes were properly regulated under the FDA’s tobacco authority and not the FDA’s drug delivery device authority. In April 2011, the FDA issued a statement announcing that they intend to regulate e-cigarettes as “tobacco products.” That process is ongoing.

Are adults using these to successfully quit smoking?

No e-cigarette has been approved by the FDA as a cessation device. Currently there is insufficient evidence to conclude if adults are quitting, switching or continuing to use both.

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