February a month of heartache and hope

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February is a month that hearts and love are all around us.  We traditionally think of Valentine’s Day being filled with love and romance when the day is really about the love in our hearts that we have for those around us.  This day may be difficult for some to find love and happiness because their hearts are filled with grief and sadness.

This makes you think of the heartache parents have at this time of the year after experiencing the death of an infant. That infant will never get to experience making the Valentine’s Day box or buying cards with their parents for classmates. All the anticipation and hopes and dreams for that child are no longer. The nursery that is set up that will not hold that precious baby. So, as we go into the month of February, please remember to think of those who are grieving and struggling with the deaths of their loved ones.

If you are a person who is grieving, here are some helpful tips of how to get through this Valentine’s Day:

  • Light a candle
  • Make a donation in their name
  • Buy yourself a flower

Since September 2016, I have been given an opportunity, as the Resolve through Sharing (RTS) coordinator, to help those families who have experienced the death of infant by making phone calls and offering face-to-face visits if the family would like.  RTS is a growing service offered by Agnesian HealthCare and is open to anyone who has experienced the death of an infant.

Our love never dies and our loved ones will always be a part of who we are!

Wishing you comfort ,

Melissa Klebs

Bereavement Counselor and RTS Coordinator

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