Eldorado resident wins the Samaritan Cash Raffle grand prize

Shelly Haberman
Cash Raffle Prize Winner

David Kuharski, of Eldorado, is the grand prize winner of the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation’s Samaritan Cash Raffle, being randomly drawn for the $100,000 cash prize.

Ticket sales were steady all morning on the drawing’s final day, May 10. The suspense was finally relieved when the grand prize winner was announced by Holly Brenner, Agnesian HealthCare Foundation president, and Evelyn Schaefer, MD, Agnesian HealthCare psychologist who has served on the cash raffle’s planning committee.

This is the fourth year the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation has offered the cash raffle. It follows a successful annual Samaritan Health Clinic House Raffle, which was established 22 years ago to help provide vital medical and emergency dental services to individuals and families in financial need whether at Ripon Medical Center, St. Agnes Hospital or Waupun Memorial Hospital. More than 5,700 tickets were sold in this year’s raffle.

With so many other prizes to offer, the Samaritan Cash Raffle offers fantastic odds to win and the community continues to show its support each year.

“We are so grateful for everyone’s dedication,” according to Brenner. “There is a continued need in our community for the Samaritan Health Clinic. Access to this quality care dramatically affects the lives of many individuals and families in our area. In fact, statistics show that more than 7,648 Fond du Lac County residents and more than 6,726 Dodge County residents are uninsured. Even more are underinsured. As a result, charity care programs, which provide free or low-cost health care to uninsured or underinsured individuals, will continue to play an important role in the healthcare system.”

Other prize winners include:

  • Second prize, $10,000: Jared Wisnefske, Fond du Lac
  • Third prize, $4,000: Judy Hemauer, Fond du Lac
  • Fourth to 25th prizes, $500: Paulette  Schneider, Fond du Lac; Bob Scott, Van Dyne; Cynthia Schneider, Fond du Lac; Daniel Ford, Rosendale; Ronell Gard, Kewaskum; Abby Immel, Fond du Lac; Judy Mugan, Fond du Lac; Rachael Mathwig, Van Dyne; Heather Trosper, Fond du Lac; Renae Guell, Eden; Rita Meidam, Tomahawk; Jerrae DeLap, Fond du Lac; Julie Greff, Ripon; Heidi Skrenes, Fond du Lac; Phil Moses, Fond du Lac; Courtney Rosenthal, Fond du Lac; Dan Bingen, Taycheedah; Becky Ardell, Fond du Lac; Gary Thorpe, Fond du Lac; Peter Brenner, Mt. Calvary; Norm Birschbach, Fond du Lac; and Eric Stewart, Fond du Lac

The Samaritan Cash Raffle was assisted by many sponsors, including: Outstanding contributors: C.D. Smith Constructions, Inc., Dr. Nathan Slinde and Shea Electric & Communications, LLC. Major contributors: Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes and Michels Corporation. Contributors: Hierl Insurance, Holiday Automotive, Society Insurance, and Dr. Jonathan & Erin Stroebel.

The cash raffle was also supported by a team of champions who brought their time and talents to the fund-raiser, including: Louann Biddick, Kathy Donahue, Jenna Floberg, Amanda Hiemstra, Jeff Meincke, MD, Chris Schattschneider, Evelyn Schaefer, PsyD, Richard Schaefer, MD, Joanne Schneider, Kendra Stone, Adam Strittmatter, DO, Filip Troicki, MD, Sam Twohig, Jill Wendt and Deb Winterhack.

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