Diabetics, pay special attention to your legs and feet

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Do you know someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes? Please spread the word how important it is for diabetics to take care of their health, and pay special attention to their legs and feet. To keep their feet and legs healthy, they need to inspect them daily and note any changes they see like open sores or swelling. Many times their doctor may tell them to wear special diabetic shoes and socks, which are made especially for diabetics to keep their feet healthy. People with diabetes many times have circulation issues that can cause swelling in their feet, ankles and legs. Swelling can occur in people who are not diabetics too by standing or sitting for long periods of time, physical inactivity, heredity, pregnancy, surgery, trauma and some illnesses.

Current research tells us that people who experience tired and aching legs become less active therefore wearing graduated compression stocks can increase the energy they feel in their legs and increase their activity level. Graduated compression socks effectively promote venous blood flow by providing a gentle graduated pressure to leg veins and valves. A calf-length compression sock that goes over the calf muscle can be the most effective. The support from the compression sock helps the vein walls return to their normal state, allowing the valves to properly function, thus aiding the blood flow back toward the lungs and heart which is a really good thing.

Diabetics should always consult with their physician prior to wearing graduated compression socks. As there are different levels of compression that can be worn as well as different styles from knee high, to thigh high and even panty hose depending on each person’s need. Their doctor who treats them for their diabetes will be the right person to know how much compression they will need. Graduated compression stockings are not covered by Medicare unless they have a qualifying venous stasis ulcer. There are private insurance companies who will cover graduated compression stockings and the Agnesian Health Shoppe can assist you to find out what coverage you may have.

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