Concussion Myth versus Fact

Chris Schattschneider

Myth: A bruise to the brain.

Fact: A metabolic imbalance or dysfunction of the brain.

Myth: Person has to lose consciousness.

Fact: Ninety percent of concussions don’t lose consciousness.

Myth: Have to have a headache.

Fact: Multi-symptom injury that varies person to person.

Myth: You have to get hit hard.

Fact: Not just from “big hits;” a “bell-ringer or ding” is a concussion. It can occur from seemingly minor contact.

Myth: A CT Scan will show a concussion.

Fact: A concussion will not show up on CT Scan.

Myth: I feel fine, why can’t I play?

Fact: Brain function can be impaired even though you don’t present with physical symptoms. It is at this time when the brain is at increased risk for further or more serious injury.

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