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Written by: Jennifer Specht, PhD Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

The start of school can be a stressful and anxiety provoking time for the entire family.  Going from the laid back times of summer to the routine and structure of the school year is a difficult transition for many families. Here are three simple ways to proactively reduce that anxiety.

  • Return to school year bedtime routines (including bedtime and wake up times) at least two weeks before the start of the school year. This helps work out those fights and resistance before the actual event.
  • As a family, make school lunches the night before if your child is taking a lunch from home, this makes for less work on those crazy, rushed mornings. To reduce even more stress and anxiety, plan each lunch out on Sunday. Do the same with clothes. Have them laid out before your child goes to bed.
  • Create a set homework time to be followed every day, regardless of whether your child brings homework home or not, they can use that time to read a book, practice math facts, learn something new. Having this established, consistent time reduces your child’s likelihood to fight, argue or rebel when they do have homework to complete.

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